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Your Crew Screen[edit | edit source]

Pixel Piracy's crew system currently allows any number of crew members, and one captain, at any time


A: Salary[edit | edit source]

This is the Salary you can pay your selected crew member. Paying their salary will instantly raise morale to 100%. The cost of Salary changes depending on the pirate.

You will pay your crew members a higher salary if they are pissed And if you pay them often, you pay less, but you need to go through more trouble to keep paying them.

B: Info[edit | edit source]

This is the character information section which includes TP, LEVEL, EXP, HP, Hunger and Morale which is as follows

  • TP: Training Points - This will indicate the number of TP you or a member of your crew currently has. Training Points are used to increase base stats. 2 points will be gained every level.
  • LEVEL: Level - The level of the selected crew member.
  • EXP: Experience - Gained when killing monsters, pirates or while sailing (unless a crew member has the "Dumb" trait). The bar indicates how much experience is left to earn before you level up.
  • HP: Health Points - The maximum HP the pirate has and the total that remains. (Max HP calculated: 15+(Lvl*10)+(4*VIT))
  • Hunger: The hunger level of the selected crew member. Hunger can be increased through certain consumable items and generic food placed on your ship.
  • Morale: The morale bar of the selected crew member. If the bar is getting low, you can pay the crew member's Salary in order to fully restore it. If their morale is too low, they will begin to become more hostile toward you and other crew members. Morale can also be restored by certain consumable items, interacting with a campfire, or by letting them visit a tavern on an island.

C: Pirate Bio's[edit | edit source]

This section contains the selected crew member's biography. It tells the story of the crew member, including such details as past professions and their appearance.

D: Pirate's Stats[edit | edit source]

What stats do, have gotten a recent overhaul, for what the stats did in older version, see Old Stats

  • STR: Strength - Affects the bonus damage of the crew member's melee weapon.
Every 1 STR = +5% bonus damage.

  • VIT: Vitality - Affects the total health of the crew member.
Every 1 VIT = +4 Max HP, +1 HP Regen, -1% Move speed
Every 10 VIT = +1 Armor

  • INT: Intelligence - Affects the amount of XP earned.
Every 1 INT = +2 Passive XP

  • DEX: Dexterity - Affects the bonus damage of the crew member's ranged weapon and their hit chance.
Every 1 DEX = +5% ranged bonus damage, and +2% hit chance

  • AGI: Agility - Affects the attack speed and dodge speed of your pirate.
Every 1 AGI = +5% dodge, +1% Attack speed
Every 10 AGI = +1% Move speed (it's actually +0.1% per 1, rounded up, meaning you'll see the change at 11, 21, etc)

  • LUCK: Luck - Affects critical damage chance.
Every 1 LUCK = +1% Crit Chance

E: The Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Passive Equip: Used to equip passive items or use consumable items.
  • Melee Weapon: Used to equip melee weapons.
  • Ranged Weapon: Used to equip ranged weapons.