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A typical tavern. The tavern owner has a purple icon above him, while tavern-goers who can be hired as crew have yellow icons above them.

A Tavern is a town building where the player's captain can hire or kick crew members. Taverns hold tables, chairs, decorative hanging spears, and a crowd of tavern-goers. Characters that are in or associated with the tavern will frequently be depicted holding rum or meat shanks, and rum bottles litter the tavern floor. If a captain or crew member enters, the tavern crowd will begin talking to them.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Taverns are used to obtain new or get rid of crew members. Additionally, taverns provide a free way to restore pirates' morale and hunger.

Hiring and firing crew[edit | edit source]

Potential crew members stand in and around the building. In order to hire a crew member, the player must direct their captain to enter the tavern and interact with the tavern owner by pressing the space bar. A menu will pop up displaying the names, former occupations, stat values, and hiring costs of the tavern-goers, but no appearances or more specific information. While appearances can sometimes be learned by scanning the tavern crowd and hovering over characters with the mouse until the player finds the person they are considering, the biography, skill levels, overall level, and perks of the individual remain unknown until they are hired as a crew member.

Crew members are likewise able to be fired, or "kicked", by interacting with the tavern owner.

Restoring morale[edit | edit source]

Upon landing in a town that has a tavern, all of the player's crew will automatically head towards it unless they are directed by the player to do something else. On entry, they will obtain bottles of rum. Any pirates (including the captain) in the tavern will automatically have their morale gradually restored. Refilling morale takes only a matter of seconds for most sailors.

Tavern Fights[edit | edit source]

Upon staying in a tavern for a while, one of your crew mates or one of the bar flies may start a fight between the bars inhapitants and your crew.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pirates with the Abstinent perk do not refill their morale at taverns.
  • When captain or crew leaves the tavern, some tavern-goers may follow them to continue talking with them.