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Getting Started[edit | edit source]

First you start off by:

Sailor mode[edit | edit source]

It is Peaceful Mode where pirates won't raid your boats at low level and other crazy mishaps. start with 50 g.

Captain Mode[edit | edit source]

Just like normal mode .

Legendary Mode[edit | edit source]

This is hard mode. You get less gold from plundering ships, and enemies are stronger than normal.

First Set of Questions[edit | edit source]

What do you think about ___?

  • It's Sickening, filled with pirates, monsters, and hardships. (Monsters) - Increases the amount of monster and pirates on the world map.
  • Fascinating, an intriguing assortment of inhabitants roam the land. (Mystery) - Increases islands and the type of monsters that will spawn on each island. (Careful! It may spawn some strong ones)
  • Unpleasant, a province filled with dire corners and unrelenting troubles. (Drama) - increases ports, thieves on each ports, and problematic crew members.

Second Set of Questions[edit | edit source]

What is the most recent event that ever happened in the land?

  • A great war tore the populace apart. (More ship encounters) -Will get attacked by pirates more frequently during your travels.
  • A plague that killed many innocents. (Plague) - Crew members are more prone to scurvy, etc. (Get a Doctor ASAP if chosen)
  • A very rare comet flyby brought along bad omens. (Long Dangerous Nights) -Travel time to each place/ encounter will take longer than normal. Make sure to pack a lot of food and hire a sailor. Long nights causes lots of problems caused by drunkards, thieves, and greedy crew members.

Third Set of Questions[edit | edit source]

How do you remember your father?

  • He was a brave captain, his nickname was Curraaage. (Falcon Blade) - Your captain starts off with 50 g and a 8.4 damage sword. It does give a lot of benefits for easy clean up of level 1 ships.
  • He was a lazy alcoholic known as Horke the flatulent. (Extra starting Pirate) - You start off with 50 g and a(n) extra crew mate named 'Horke".
  • He was a cowardly sailor that went by the name Peonpants. (+20 Gold) - You start with 70 g

Onward to the Game![edit | edit source]

When I start the game, I would normally choose either monsters, or mystery for the battles and randomness. Then I would choose more pirate encounters and falcon blade. Horke may be another choice, but Horke is a handful to take care of. His morale decreases fast because he is a lazy drunk T.T! Why won't he clean up poo!

Falcon Blade.

After I selected my options, I go and make sure I have a food vendor, a weapon, and a pub. This is so I can hire people, have a source of food, and be able to buy a fisherman rod later on. With the 400 g, I'd go look for either a Fighter, Sailor, or Gunslinger. If there is no sailor, I would go for gunslinger, then the latter. Afterwards, I would spend the rest on food.

Secondly, I would go search for crabs and oyster (if there is any). You are still low on cash, I would go bait the thieves towards the edge of the map with my captain, and then ambush him when he is alone to make the extra gold. WARNING: DO NOT KILL ALL THE PIRATES. They will not re-spawn and I assuming you won't be able to heal your captains' morale with out them giving you free drinks.

Ship Building[edit | edit source]

1) When I build my boat, I would only use three wood blocks and save the rest for when I capture a bunch of ships. Then I would place 1 watermelon if I know my crew needed food before I reach a pirate ship. One captured boat is worth more than 100 g per plundered boat. So I rinse and repeat the captured pirate ships multiple times until I have collected enough materials to make my big boat.

2) I typically use all the blocks. The I put all the watermelons down. making a larger ship isn't necessary, and getting new blocks is easy, so NEVER EVER buy blocks. EVER. Only buy ladders, and steering wheels earlier in the game, otherwise, it's not worth it.

Shipbuilding Techniques.

I fight all level 1's until I have a good boat, and a well balance crew for long travels. I would suggest getting a sailor, fighter, gunslinger, cook, navigator, and a fisherman before fighting level 2's. It will become easier for you to save money and sustain the hunger problems of your crew.

If I am able to find a good cannoneer and have enough money for a basic cannon and cannon balls, I'd buy it because of its AOE damage that can help you in the long run. Careful of sinking ships :o

Be sure and check the Crew Personality, so you never hire pirates with useless traits especially if they do not balance with the job profession.

For tips to build an optimal ship check out Best ship design

References[edit | edit source]

Special thanks to NekoMiMi & Stealthkibbler