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Train your crew to become better at a number of skills such as Cooking, Sailing, Fishing, swimming and many others.

To teach a skill to a crew member (or your captain), follow this process:

  1. Acquire the skill book (such as by buying it at the shop in town)
  2. Earn at least one Training Point (you gain some when you level up)
  3. Open the "Your Crew" screen, and view the crewman you want to train.
  4. Look for the "Passive" equipment box, it's next to the crewman's melee weapon. Click on that box. The skill book should now appear the area just left of the "Passive" box. Double-click on the skill book to train it.

Here's a List of the skills you can achieve as you level throughout the game:

Learnable Skills
Icon: Skill: Description: Shop Cost: TP Cost:
Tome.png Cleaning Teaches How To Clean 150 5
Tome.png Parry Basics Teaches Basics of Parry 150 10
Tome.png Combat Focus Teaches Combat Focus (+Crit Chance) 150 10
Tome.png Cooking Teaches How To Cook 200 10
Tome.png Map Awareness Be Aware Of Locations On The Map! 200 10
Tome.png Map Reading Teaches To Read Maps! 150 10
Tome.png Fishing Teaches How To Fish 200 5
Tome.png First Mate Teaches How To Replace Captain After Death 500 15
Tome.png Fast Learner Earn More XP While Sailing 150 10
Tome.png Ship Repair Teaches How To Repair Ship 200 10
Tome.png Doctor Aura Recovers Life Of Crew While Sailing 400 15
Tome.png Light Steps Learn How To Walk Faster! 200 10
Tome.png Cannon Mastery Learn How To Use Cannons! 400 15
Tome.png Toilet Mastery Learn How To Poop Properly! 150 5
Tome.png Capture Animal Learn How To Capture Wild Animals! 1000 15
Tome.png Sailing Better Sail Speed 1000 10
Tome.png Counter Attack Counter Attacks Enemy When Attacked 400 10
Tome.png Combat Evasion Can Evade Attacks 200 10
Tome.png Sniper Shot Bigger Ranged Weapons Range 500 10
Tome.png Ship Plunder More Gold From Plundering Ships 200 10
Tome.png Treasure Coins More Gold From Treasure Chests 300 10
Ultimate.png Quadro Strike 4 Rapid Critical Strikes 2000 20
Ultimate.png Dash Attack Dashes And Attacks! 2000 20
Ultimate.png 20 Strikes 20 Fast Strikes 2000 20
Ultimate.png Gun Frenzy 4 Next Ranged Attacks Have No Cooldown 2000 20
Ultimate.png Boar Strike 1 Attack That Stuns 2000 20
Ultimate.png Headshot Next Ranged Attack Deals X3 Damage Unknown 20
Ultimate.png Falcon Dance Deals 4 Strikes each dealing (YOUR LEVEL) damage Drop 20
Ultimate.png Ace Instantly Recovers 50% HP Drop 20