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The shipwright can be found in towns. Pieces of ships can be purchased at the shipwright or recovered by plundering pirate ships that you overpower.

The Shipwright


Hull Pieces[edit | edit source]

Ship Equipment[edit | edit source]

Prevents Food from rotting
Basic Light Source
Holding part of the Sail.
+1 Sail Speed
End part of the Mast. (Needed to apply Sail)
Used to climb higher parts of the ship.
+2 Sail Speed

Ship Weapons[edit | edit source]

Used to shoot Bombs at other Ships - needs special training.
Cannon Ammunition
Like a cannon, but faster and does less damage

Special[edit | edit source]

Pirates will sometimes upgrade their weapon when using this

(up to weapon lv.10, then they'll stop using it)

Pirates will sometimes upgrade their strength (STR) when using this
Used to get additional training while on boat.
Pirates will sometimes gain a TP point when using this
Pirates will sometimes gain additional XP and Morale when using this
Fighters will sometimes capture a slave during battle with this

Decorations[edit | edit source]