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Ship Building is a core component for putting together an amazing ship that will completely obliterate enemy ships. Here's some quick tips for starting out, and building larger ships in the future.

Ship Building[edit | edit source]

Shipbuilding Techniques.

When just beginning it's a smart idea to just use three wood blocks and save the rest for when capturing other ships. Then place 1 watermelon if you think your crew will need food before you reach a pirate ship. One captured boat is worth more than 100 g per plundered boat. So rinse and repeat the captured pirate ships multiple times until you have collected enough materials to make a big boat.

For the future, keep in mind that any dark spaces on a ship will spawn spider webs which will make Spiders. So plan ahead with some Lamps. Don't build any dark areas until you buy a lamp from the shipwright.

For tips on how to build an optimal ship check out the Best Ship Design