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Items in the Game:

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Consumables are the cornerstone of healing your pirate crew. There are many items that can restore HP or morale, while others give different boosts. others are spawning items(i.e. the spider egg). The following is a list of some of the groups and kinds of consumables.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Stops Bleeding
Recovers 50% Hunger
80% Chance to upgrade Melee Weapon
(-1% per Weapon Lv.)
40% Chance to upgrade Ranged Weapon
+1 tp
Hatches Spider on Consume

Experience[edit | edit source]


Morale[edit | edit source]

+200 Morale
+100 Morale
Restores all Morale
Restores all Morale

Healing[edit | edit source]

Heals 10% HP
Heals 5 HP
Heals 5 HP
Heals 10% HP
Heals 10% HP
Heals 7% HP
Heals 20% HP
Heals 10% HP
Heals 15 HP
Heals 10 HP
30% more XP from kills
Heals 20 HP if below 10 HP
20% Dodge Chance
Increase movement speed by 25%
Attacker get knock back
+3 Vitality on level up
Cooks produce better food
No more pooping
Lose 40% less morale
100% Hit chance
Explodes on death
No passive morale loss
Falling in water teleports you to ship
Extra gold from killing pirates
Female Pirates are attracted to you!
+15% Crit chance
Resurrects Pirate after fatal damage to 1 HP

Reduce incoming damage by 3
Movement speed decrease by 25%

50% chance attacker takes 1 damage
+4 Morale when Attacking
Immunity to Bleed effect
+5% Crit chance
+10 Damage and -1 max morale (on equipped crew members morale) each hit
30% Chance to block incoming damage (might break)
+10% Damage, +5 STR
Can be sold for 500 coins
Can be sold for 105 coins
+ 1000 xp or can be sold for gold price
Can be sold for 15 coins
Can be sold for 155 coins
Can be sold for 89 coins