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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Pixel Piracy! Looking forward to building your ship, fighting for survival: against starvation, mutiny, morale, etc., and the overall challenging features that forces you to make choices to save or sacrifice your crew member in order to continue on the harsh journey of a pirate? Look no further!

You'll probably want to take a few moments before you start to check out some guides, or watch a gameplay video, as things might get confusing pretty quickly. Have a read through below to figure out what's going on in the gameworld.

Game Controls[edit | edit source]

Screen Movement
Crew Managment
Icon Interaction
A / ← Moves the game
screen to the left
Right click Control your crew to move or attack
after selecting group 1-6
left click and drag Drag commands from the bottom
icons to move your units/crew.
D / → Moves the game
screen to the right
Left click Control your captain to move
or attack and to select options
Icon (F)
Move your captain to the object, then click the
interact icon, or F key, to interact with objects
Spacebar Interacts with objects like Totems,
Stores, as well as Treasure Chests
Begin a plunder of the enemy ship which gives
you gold coins and parts and food of the ship.
ESC / Spacebar Pauses game and activates the menu screen
It is also used when your captain dies.
Take control and capture enemy
ship (Losing your actual one)
Keys 1-6 Groups you can assign crewmates to
Select a group to use right click.

Additional Controls & Help[edit | edit source]

Groups[edit | edit source]

  • The icons at the top of the screen, or keys 1-6, are different groups you can use to select multiple pirates at once. You can change which group a pirate is in by going to their profile under 'Your Crew' in the pause menu, and click on the 'Group' option above the 'Grapple' toggle.

Capturing Enemy Ships[edit | edit source]

  • Use the icon to capture enemy ship and gain no coins. Make sure to take off any pieces you wish to keep and any valuables you do not want lost when docked. Any items on previous boat will not be transferred to the newly captured ship.

Stores[edit | edit source]

  • Move your Captain to the man with a purple face on top of his head. Press Select to open the shop.
  • Left click an item you wish to buy.
  • To sell, click the sell tab. Either click the item you wish to sell, or the small panel directly next to it to sell all.
  • Note bookstores are the only stores you can sell valuables (pearls, oyster shells, etc.) at.
  • For detailed information and what may be sold where, visit Stores and select a shop to view.

Ship-Building[edit | edit source]

  • Left click to place block.
  • Left click again to rotate block.
  • Right click to delete block, or to deselect the block you are holding.

The Game Menu[edit | edit source]

Game menu.png

Your Crew[edit | edit source]

This is the option that gives a basic list of your crew, what they are equipped with, their morale, hunger, stats, and life. Always frequently check this to see your crews stats.

  • Pay salary: Click to pay salary. Currently it's a good idea to only pay salary if they are cheap in order to save on morale increasing items, or when they get too low of morale that using item would be a waste.
  • Passive Equip: Use to equip special bonus items, boost items, or healing items.
  • Melee Weapon: Use to equip Melee Weapons (Only melee!)
  • Ranged weapon: Use to equip Ranged Weapons such as rocks and pistols.

Parrots[edit | edit source]

Can be found on Parrot island, requires animal cage to capture with 5% chance of success.

World Map[edit | edit source]

This option allows you to see where you are on the map. You can also use it to Travel, explore, plunder islands, ports, and pirates. Already completed or explored options will show up in green with explored beneath. Note that you can not move while you are in a Ship Battle, only while on islands and ports, or after a battle has finished.

Ship Setup[edit | edit source]

This option allows you to build your ship. For your first ship, you'll probably want to start with just a single 3x1 boat to get up and running. For the future, keep in mind that any dark spaces on a ship will spawn spider webs which will make spiders. So HURRY AND GET SOME LAMPS. So do not build any dark areas until you buy a lamp from the shipbuilder.

Load Game[edit | edit source]

If you did something wrong and you don't want to keep that action in the save file, you can re-load the game from this option (Double-clicking it) and everything you did after your last save will be lost.

Exit Game[edit | edit source]

Tired of Piracy, or are you starting to get sea sick from hours on the open sea? Exiting will auto save your game and will return automatically to main screen.

References[edit | edit source]

Special thanks to NekoMiMi & Stealthkibbler for putting a huge portion of this guide together.