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Food can be found from Treasure Chests, on Trees, as drops from Monsters, or purchased from a Food Market. Ship foods must be placed on the ship, and crew members will eat them automatically when they are nearby and hungry. Foods which need to be cooked require a crewman with the Cooking skill to cook them before they can be eaten (stand the crewman near the cookable food, the cooking icon will show above him while he cooks).

Food[edit | edit source]

Ship Foods
Icon: Food Name Feed: Ready To Eat?
25px Fruit 1x
Watermelon.png Watermelon 2x
25px Sour Kraut 3x
25px Sea Biscuits 4x
Fish.png Fish 2x Need Cook
Meat.png Meat 7x Need Cook
25px Soup Pot 13x Need Cook
25px Cheese
Instant Effects
Icon: Food: Effect:
Boar Meat.png Boar Meat Restores 50% Hunger
Bone Meal Restores 50% Hunger
Cake.png Cake Restores 2 HP and 50 Hunger
Egg.png Egg Restores 2 HP and 50 Hunger
Banana.png Banana Restores 5 HP and 100 Hunger
Coconut.png Coconut Restores 5 HP and 100 Hunger
Crab Meat.png Crab Meat Restores 5 HP and 100 Hunger
Sour Cabbage.png Sour Cabbage Restores 5 HP and 100 Hunger
Special Effect Foods
Icon: Food: Effect:
Tetra Herb.png Tetra Herb Permanently gain 2 Strength
Tobacco Leaves.png Tobacco Leaves Restores 100 Morale

Drink[edit | edit source]

Ship Drinks
Icon: Drink: Effect:
Rum.png Rum Restores 200 Morale. 2 servings.
Special Effect Drinks
Icon: Drink: Effect:
Auto Elixir.png Auto Elixir Heals bearer for 20 HP if your crew member has less than 10 HP
Whisky.png Whisky Grants drinker 1 level
Red Wine.png Red Wine Grants drinker 2 levels

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Crew Boosts
Icon: Item: Effect:
Monkey Tail.png Monkey Tail Gives 1000 XP
Feather.png Feather Gives 100 XP
25px Small Bra Morale Boost 100%
25px White Flag 20 AGI Boost
Weapon Boosts
Icon: Item: Effect:
25px Grindstone M 70% Chance to upgrade Melee Weapon
25px Grindstone R 40% Chance to upgrade Ranged Weapon

Storefronts[edit | edit source]

Food Market
Food Market