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In Pixel Piracy Pirate Bios Will tell you what personality your crew will have. Keep in mind that your captain can also gain bad ones.

  • Abstinent: The pirate doesn't drink rum.
  • Alcoholic: The pirate may obtain a random bottle of rum during travel and will most likely keep it.
  • Anorexia: The Pirate will eat fewer amounts of food.
  • Assassin: Increased chances of landing critical hits.
  • Avenger: If a crew mate dies, the enraged character's attack speed will increase out of rage.
  • Blind: 20% chance that attacks will miss.
  • Bad Vision: The pirate has more of a chance to miss an attack on an enemy.
  • Big Appetite: Eats 50% more food.
  • Careless: The Pirate may fall off of the boat and die one day.
  • Depressed: The Pirate loses 50% more morale than normal.
  • Dumb: He will not learn anything while sailing.
  • Fast: Your Pirate walks faster.
  • Fast Learner: The Pirate gets 40% more exp when sailing.
  • Fast Recovery: Recovers HP faster than normal.
  • Fat: -20% movement speed.
  • Fragile: Takes 1 extra damage from each hit.
  • Gifted: Get +1 TP each level.
  • Greedy: The Crewmember may ask for random amounts of gold and salary increases during trips.
  • Gunslinger: Dexterity is increased.
  • Hairy: Might drop his beard when killed, attackers' attack speed decreases when attacking a hairy pirate.
  • Lazy: The pirate will slack off on his duties.
  • Liar: He will blackmail the player (for gold) and spread lies about him.
  • Loyal: Loses 50% less morale.
  • Maniac: If the pirate attacks, they will gain faster attack speed at the cost of losing morale faster than normal.
  • Nimble: Increase dodging rate; meaning the enemy will miss more.
  • Old: 5% Chance to die on level up.
  • Paralysis: Chance of the pirate getting paralyzed when hit.
  • Rich: When a first mate becomes Captain with this trait, you start with 1000 gold. But when you kill a crew member with Rich, you can gain 100-500% more gold on Death.
  • Seasick: The Pirate will lose hp constantly till he is dead/fed.
  • Slow: The Pirate walks more slowly.
  • Strong: Pirate's Melee Weapons have 50% more Knockback .
  • Swim: They will be teleported onto your own ship when drowning for more than 3 seconds.
  • Thief: Steals Gold from drops.
  • Traitor: You have a higher Risk of being attacked by traitors during battle. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEM.
  • Weak: Attacks knock you back 50% further
  • Bully: The Pirate will hit another Crewmember (the Captain included) every so often.