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Overview[edit | edit source]

Combat is an important part of Pixel Piracy as it is the only way to make gold and level up your crew. there are many types of combat in pixel piracy and most of them are done by left or right clicking on an enemy or animal.

Types of combat[edit | edit source]

This is a detailed explanation of all types of combat in Pixel Piracy

Ship vs Ship Combat[edit | edit source]

This is the 2nd most common combat in Pixel Piracy (Most Common if you set your World to More Ship Encounters) It involves 2 phases: Boarding Phase and Cannon Phase

Cannon Phase[edit | edit source]

Cannon Combat.png

A cannon hitting an enemy ship[edit | edit source]

Cannon phase is a 30 second long period in which you are unable to board an enemy ship that requires a cannon, Ammo placed on the ship and a crew member with the cannon mastery skill.(If you and the enemy do not have all three of these things then there will be no cannon phase). During this Phase, Trained crew will automatically pick up ammo,load a gun and fire it. a red target symbol will appear on an enemy on the other ship as the cannon is about to fire. This signals were the cannonball is aiming. If the enemy moves while the cannonball is in the air, the red target Will Not move. There can be up to 10 shots fired at once from a single cannon, each with their own individual target (depending on random chance and the amount of crew on the other boat). Ammo cannot Penetrate blocks and will damage the first block or person it hits. The enemy will also fire their cannons during this phase(if they have any,of course) , and will work in the same way as yours do. at the end of this phase, crew will no longer pick up ammo(Although they may fire if they were about to shoot when the phase ended). A small timer at the bottom of your screen tells you when boarding phase will begin

Boarding Phase[edit | edit source]

This happens after the cannon phase if either of the ships had cannons. The Boarding phase has no time limit so you can take as much time as you need. your crew will stay on your ship unless told to move by clicking on the enemy ship. (Sometimes If you have fired at the enemy during cannon phase then some of the enemy may board your ship) The enemies will then fight to the death unless you run away. If any of your or the enemies crew members falls into the water they will die instantly unless that member has the swimming skill.If one of your crew members or captain fall into the water and do not have the swimming skill they are dead even if you gave them the swimming skill while they were drowning.