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Libraries of Wisdom are one of the many Stores useful for buying books and other useful items which help your crew.

Books can be used to train your crew members in new and useful abilities and require TP to learn the associated abilities.

Books can be found as treasure.

Books[edit | edit source]

20 quick strikes in succession (Ultimate)
Stun attack (Ultimate)
Teaches how to use a cannon
Allows the removal of poop, dead bodies and bottles from the ship
Allows the crew member to prepare food
Teaches Combat Focus; Extra crit chance
Allows passive healing of others
Pirate earns more XP while sailing
Allows the crew member to replace captain upon Captain's death
Allows catching fish, with a Fishing Rod
The next 4 ranged attacks have no cooldown (Ultimate)
Allows the crew member to run faster
Allows you to see more spaces on the world map
Teaches the pirate how to read a map
Allows parry to be upgraded through skill level
Increases sailing speed
Allows that pirate to repair the ship
Less poop from pirates
More gold from chests

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Stops Bleeding
Instantly Heals 20 HP
Upgrades the rating and damage of the equipped ranged weapon (40% chance when used)
Upgrades the rating and damage of the equipped melee weapon (40% chance when used)
Instantly Heals 5 HP

Storefronts[edit | edit source]

The Library of Wisdom
The Library of Wisdom